How to uninstall D-LINK WUA-1340 Network Adapter.? Hey guys.
How do you uninstall a D-link WUA-1340 Network Adapter, and will a D-link WUA-2340 Network Adapter work with a 1340 Network Router? They’re both Wireless G so I wouldn’t see how it wouldn’t..

Antonio replied: "install revo unstillar…"

Jonathan E replied: "go to start
then control panel
then click add or remove
then select the one you want to uninstall"

Does the D-Link WUA-1340 Wirless G USB Adapter let you not hook up cords from the router to the computer? We have our computer in a room where there is no cable hook up. So right now it trails from one room, across to the other. We don’t like that the cord is visible like this. So we bought the D-Link WUA-1340, a USB adapter. So will my router and cable modem now be put in the other room, where the cable plug is, so it doesn’t have to go across the room? And the wireless adapter can still pickup signals? It just seems so weird that I don’t have to plug anything in the computer from the cable modem, or the router. If you don’t understand, please just ask questions. Because I would really appreciate some good help. Thank-you.
Thanks so much Matt!
That was exact;y what I wanted to know.
Do I have to buy that security thing separately?
Or doesn’t it come with someone to keep other people from using my internet?

Matt M replied: "Basically, this will make your computer act like a wireless laptop. You’ll need a wireless-router (if you don’t have one already) but yes, it’ll do what you want. I do this going to my desktop in my basement so I don’t have to cut holes through the floor.

Same principle as your car-radio…the radio waves have to get from the router to your computer. If it won’t pick up strong enough to stay connected, get a USB extension cable and reposition the adapter farther from your computer (maybe tape it to the back of your desk) and put your router up high, as far from electrical and metal things as you can.

I’d recommend setting up WPA-PSK security on your wireless connection, that’ll keep anyone else from ‘seeing’ the information or leeching off your bandwidth and slowing you down."

HELP! Wireless adapter not found! Please insert the adapter now. ERROR URGENT! D-Link WUA-1340!? When I Try To Install My D-Link WUA-1340 When It Tells Me To Plug In To The Computer It’s Already Plugged In Or I’ll Plug It In And It Says Wireless adapter not found! Please insert the adapter now!
I Tried It On My XP And It worked Perfectly But I Really Ned My Vista! Plz Help Me!

I Have A Dell Inspiron 530s!

Justin replied: "make sure the wireless adapter is vista capable. assuming its usb adaptor be sure you usb drivers are installed."

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d-link wua-1340 adapter problem? i have a computer that uses a wireless connection. it had a virus so i reformatted the hard drive. now when i install the CD it says plug in adapter so i do and hit next. then an error message pops up that says the adapter is not connected. ive used this adapter before so i know its compatible. also ive tried almost every USB slot. i need help. i emailed D-link but they didnt help very much. i have a windows XP service pack 2
also when i plug it in the new device found doesnt pop up unless sometimes it says unkown device, but it works on this computer i am using.

rodjav305 replied: "the virus hacked into ur usb same thing happened to me, what i did i got a new desktop"

ralucio2000 replied: "1. Install ndiswrapper on your system. I used ndiswrapper 1.8 with no problems. I also installed ndiswrapper using ‘synaptic package manager’

2. Before going on with ndiswrapper you will need to blacklist the current driver that linux is using. This will probably be ‘rt73usb’.

3. Some people are reporting the location of there d-link driver files as being in ‘Program Files– D Link – drivers. However mine were not. This folder contained Config.dat, DeviceInst.exe,, Dr71WU.sys, Dr71WU98.sys, LogFile.ini, rt73bin. Not the Dr71WU.inf file that I needed to use with ndiswrapper. Windows stores most of device drivers in ‘Windows – System32′ folder I believe So you might need to run a file search in system32. I found my ‘Dr71WU.inf’ in ‘Windows—system32–inf’ folder. All these should be copied to new folder in /home
-If you used wine you must first go to /home/.wine/ (wine is a hidden folder so you must view hidden content) in Nautilus.

-install Dr71wu.inf with ndiswrapper. When you type in command prompt, everything is case sensitive so you must make sure that you type exact. I did this all in terminal, so I was able to open ‘file– properties’ in Nautilus and copy file name, paste it in terminal so that it was correct.

-run command ‘sudo ndiswrapper -l’. You should see “driver installed, hardware present.” if it worked.

Go to configure network devices and enter info for your network under your card. Mine was was simply wireless connection. Previously it was listed as wlan0 or something like that. This might be case if you have two wireless cards in your computer. I do not know why anyone would need this though. All worked well for me after this. I never used wine even though I installed it and I was curious how this works and I now understand.

-Trying to get D-Link Wireless 1340 to work (
(also includes info on blacklisting)

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-[SOLVED] Installing ndiswrapper manually via packages ("

Need Help with a D-Link WUA-1340 usb adapter? it keeps a connection for a little while but after an hour or so it drops the connection and i cant repair it i have to log off and log back on to get it to work

comzonecomputers replied: "PLease make sure you dont have any USB attached device with your computer other then adaptor. If you have installed your adaptors drivers succesfully. Please connect it after restarting your computer. I have experienced sometimes other USB devices prevnets it from connectiing thru adaptors ..please let me know about outcome ..IM me if u have same probelm again ..i will try my best to help you out"

QD1956 replied: "I had similar problems with my Linksys USB adapter and after looking on the Internet for a solution, I found something along those lines:

The quality of the signal is dependent on the power supplied from the USB port and with the computer built-in ones, it is sometimes not enough as demand on the entire computer fluctuates.

The advice was to plug it in a self-powered USB hub (meaning one with its own separate power supply), the idea being that it does not fluctuate like a PC.

Well, before finding this trick, I was about to send the adapter to the moon but now, it works much better !

So, if you are able, I would give that a try !

Hope this helps"

My wireless D-Link WUA-1340 not working anymore.? The light doesnt turn on!! and no hardware is activated
It is a wireless USB.

I got a Lynkisys Router that is working fine

link_375 replied: "try unplugging it for a minute and the plugging it back in."

Carling replied: "Contact D-Links free telephone 24/7 help line you may get a replacement router….the phone number is in the manual or goto their support website…"

D-Link WUA-1340 and Linux? Hi,

Being new to Linux, I’ve recently set up a computer with no LAN connection, and have a fairly new wireless USB connector (model in question title). So, being new to Linux, is there a proper way to set this up?

Reece replied: "Linux isn’t that good for software Linux, was made for mini notebooks With little hard drive space 2GB not for applications on software try
MAC or Windows.
good luck."

Beryl 0.2.1/Ubuntu 9.04 replied: "Unfortunately you do not indicate which Linux distro. you are working with. However if it is Ubuntu see below.

Here is the Official Ubuntu Wireless Documentation

Cards Supported


In the event of your Wifi card being unsupported you can use Ndiswrapper Here is the Official Ubuntu Ndiswrapper Documentation

All the above applies to Linux Mint as well.


is the d-link model: wua-1340 wireless adapter xbox 360 live compatible? what do you have to do to get it to work or do i just plug it in-;_ylv=3?qid=20071231120906AAdufOw

Mark R replied: "Yes it is…"

Julia C replied: "Yes dude i downloaded evrthing to it!

i probably sound like an idiot!
good luck <3"

American Squid replied: "do you want it to be compatible? if you do then yes it is.."

batdude_13 replied: "No, the only wireless adapter that will plug directly into your 360 is the official Microsoft one. You can buy a wireless ethernet adapter if you don’t want to use the Microsoft wireless adapter, it connects to your Xbox with an ethernet cable, so your Xbox thinks it’s connected to a wired network, but the box connects to your wireless network. Here’s a link to one"

Can the D-Link connect with……? Can the D-Link WUA-1340 connect with any kind of routers?

Kevin M replied: "only g and b networks."